Welcome to Carolina Jump Rope!

We are Carolina’s collegiate jump rope club. We are a group of passionate jumpers who want to continue learning jump rope and growing the jump rope community. The jump rope practices are  a great way to learn a new sport and stay in shape, all while meeting new people. Outside of practices, CJR also has performances all throughout the semester. These performances are often for other events, such as FallFest, hosted by clubs and organizations throughout the semester. CJR  performs in  competitions, most notably, the University Jump Rope Summit. The Summit includes colleges and universities from all over the nation which gather to compete and grow the sport of jump rope!


Social Events and Volunteering

Apart from practicing and performing jump rope, CJR also focuses on developing a strong social community. We aim to hold social events throughout the year as well as volunteer opportunities for club members who are interested in getting involved in their community. Commonly, volunteering takes place through Jump Ahead. Jump Ahead is a new organization that focuses on getting kids to explore healthy snacks and stay active through jump rope.